There are So Many Ways To Learn How To Last Longer In Bed – Most Guys Just Don’t Know They Exist…

Since you are here reading this, it’s a safe bet that you are having some trouble lasting in bed and it’s starting to really get to you. It may be causing some serious problems in your relationships or affecting your self-esteem with the opposite sex… In fact – premature ejaculation can really crush a guy.

But you know what – It doesn’t have to be this way.

You can start learning how to last longer in bed right now and on this page, I’ll show you exactly how you can do it. But first, there is one very important thing you need to understand…

There is absolutely nothing wrong with you…

That’s right. Sure you may be lacking control in bed, but the truth is there is absolutely not a single thing wrong with you – either physically or mentally…

If you have spent any time at all researching this topic on the internet, You’ve probably come across pages by online pill peddlers and internet fraudsters trying to make a buck off you by telling you that you have some major dysfunction, that you are just too sensitive or that you have serious mental issues.

Well, friend, the fact is that you are 100% normal…

The only difference between you and the next guy is that you haven’t yet learned the skills required to control your ejaculation during sex. These skills aren’t complicated – in fact, they are dead easy to learn…

This is how you will quickly boost your control…

From this point on I’m going to help you beat this, but I need you to think about things in a very different way. You are not curing some major problem. You are not trying to work around a physical defect.

What you will be doing is this… You will simply be learning some incredibly effective ways to improve a handful of core skill sets that will each improve your lasting time.

Now just a single one of these skills on their own will help you add minutes to your lovemaking sessions… but once you practice a little and combine your new and improved skills in each area, you will be able to put it all together and really make a huge improvement to your lasting time.

Everything I’m about to reveal is put simply – The most effective way to last longer in bed known to man.

Here’s why this method works so well…

All of the skills-sets and techniques in my program are based on a solid scientific approach. They are not just about one man’s experience or a lot of ancient spiritual nonsense.

They are based on solid research and are the result of a thorough understanding of the male sexual response and ejaculatory systems and have been road-tested on thousands of men.

I have worked hard to continually improve this program through constant monitoring and analysis of client results. I first put together this program in 2003. That first program was OK, but not perfect. It helped 62% of men reach a minimum of 25 minutes lasting time. But what we have now is virtually unrecognizable from that initial program.

Based on further research I have re-written the majority of the program and boosted it with a stack of improved methods to increase each of the seven key skill-sets required to improve your lasting time…

After all these improvements I am extremely pleased to see that now 98% of the men who complete the program are able to last a minimum of 25 minutes in bed…

Of course, most men who get their hands on my program will learn to go for a lot longer than that. In fact, the majority of guys I treat reach a level where they can choose exactly when they orgasm every time.

If you’re like most of the guys I coach you probably think that this kind of lasting power is impossible for you… But in a few short weeks, you’re going to know exactly what I’m talking about… It’s a great feeling!

Now let’s move into a bit more detail because next, I’m going to explain exactly how you will get this to work for you…

The 7 Skills That Will Make You Last Longer in Bed

The reason my system works so well is that everything you will learn is broken down into seven key skills that you can pinpoint, practice, and improve.

Each and every one of these seven skills will help you to last longer on their own. It may be 30 seconds, it may be 5 minutes, but once these skills start working together – That’s when the results will start to blow you away…

In just a few days, as you get better at each skill independently, these improvements will all start to come together and work as one…

It works like this…

As you understand and practice your skills in one area… this will in turn make it easier to improve another, until you will reach, what my patients often describe as a “tipping point”.

This is the point at which you will recognize that everything is working just as it should. You’re relaxed. You’re confident. You know how your body works and how to control it and then all of a sudden it hits you – It’s the moment that you realize you can now remain in total control practically as long as you choose.

It’s an amazing feeling…

Now you won’t reach this stage overnight, unfortunately. It will generally take a few weeks, but the good news is that just about every guy can get to this level… no matter how bad you think your problem is now.

Below is where I go through the seven main skill sets you’ll be working on. Later I’ll give you a bit more detail on each area, but here’s a quick rundown on each skill and the main improvements it’s going to deliver…

  • Total body muscular control: Unnecessary tension in your muscles can work its way into your ejaculatory system causing premature ejaculation – I’ll show you how to stop it by eliminating this tension at the source
    Why it helps
    – You’ll be more relaxed
    – Stops the spread of unwanted tension
  • Creating focus and confidence: Simple and practical ways to shift your mindset from fear and thinking about the “what ifs” – to being relaxed and totally confident in the performance you are about to deliver.
    Why it helps
    – Supreme confidence during sex
    – Impress your partner
  • Ejaculatory reflex conditioning: Out of all the skills I teach, this is the one that takes you to that next level where you can literally choose exactly when you come… every single time – This skill will take a few weeks to get right but it’s an absolute killer!
    Why it helps
    – Control the core ejaculation muscle
    – Ability to quickly cool down your system
  • Putting yourself in the zone: A key for long-lasting sex is developing an ability to put yourself “in the zone”. It’s not as difficult as it sounds, and I’ll give you some easy tricks to get there.
    Why it helps
    – More enjoyable sex
    – Stay in control during hard, thrusting sex
  • Positions and sexual techniques: Know what to use and when to use it. What positions you use will have a huge impact on your lasting time in bed. I’ll also show you 3 great techniques that will help you last while at the same time driving her crazy.
    Why it helps
    – Use these instead of slowing down during sex
    – Satisfy your partner every time
  • Ejaculatory response awareness and prevention: This is all about learning to read the signs that your body is sending out and then exactly how to respond. You’ll be amazed at just how many of these signs you are now missing, but these are a cinch to recognize and respond to.
    Why it helps
    – Know exactly how to respond to signals from your body
    – Take action early to maintain control
  • Cooldown skills: You’d be crazy not to keep these in your bag of tricks. These are no less than seven simple tricks and techniques for you to put into action if you feel you are about to orgasm. You can find which one works best for you or even use a combination to cool your system down fast! No man should ever get into bed without learning these.
    Why it helps
    – Confidence to turn back the clock at any time
    – Always have a fallback

All Of These Skills Are Simple To Master

Now some of the above skills may sound a bit strange or difficult at first but it’s important to understand that they are all quite straightforward and easy to learn once you have the right advice. That’s why my program will go through each technique with plain and simple easy to follow step-by-step instructions…

And don’t worry – You can complete everything all on your own in the privacy of your own home. You don’t even need to tell anyone about it, though if you have a current partner I’m pretty sure she will soon be noticing the difference.

Take a look at what’s inside your copy of LAST LONGER NOW…

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  • How to put yourself in the zone every time you have sex
  • Five simple fallback tricks that will instantly turn back the clock
  • How changing just a few of your thoughts and perceptions during love-making will make a huge impact to your lasting time
  • Why different sexual positions affect your lasting ability…
  • A breathing method you can learn in just 5 minutes that I guarantee will increase your lasting power straight away
  • Why exercising muscles in the pelvic area the wrong way can make your problem worse… most guides get this dead wrong – I’ll teach you the correct way.
  • 6 great sexual techniques that will help you last longer… while at the same time driving your girl absolutely wild
  • An easy 10-minute exercise you can do 1-3 times a week that will rapidly build your ejaculatory control
  • A fail-safe method to use when you are on the brink of ejaculation
  • The keys to not just lasting longer, but how to maintain control during sessions of hard thrusting and powerful sex – I know you guys will love this!
  • You will learn a secret benefit of this program – your own orgasms will be dramatically stronger
  • and a whole lot more…

Here’s Exactly How You Will Beat This Problem For Good

Here’s where I’ll give you a bit more detail about each of the seven core skills and exactly how they will help you last longer in bed.

Ejaculatory muscle control… “When these muscles are relaxed, it is physically impossible to ejaculate”

If you are like most guys you probably don’t even know what goes on inside your body during sex and more importantly what causes you to ejaculate.

Now it’s only common sense that to stop something – you need to know what triggers it. Your ejaculatory muscles are the key. In fact, it is the tensing of just one specific muscle that literally causes you to ejaculate…

Unfortunately, this is one of the most difficult muscles in your body to control, but it can be done when you know what to focus on. I’ll show you some simple exercises that will let you control this muscle on call. It may take a few days of practice to get it right but once you do – it will take your lasting time to a whole other level!

Increasing your mental control skills

The way you handle your thoughts and perceptions during sex can make a big difference to your performance in bed.

Now, remember, this isn’t about trying to find some deep-rooted problem in the back of your head that’s making you ejaculate too soon, because, for almost all men, that just isn’t the case. In fact, all men, whether they have lasting problems or not can benefit from these methods to boost mental control during sex.

This next key skill will not only help you last longer in bed but will also dramatically improve both your and your partner’s enjoyment…

Probably the best way to describe this next skill is the ability to put yourself “in the Moment”, which you will achieve by learning some practical methods to help you tune in to all of your senses during sex.

Now I know what you’re probably thinking… If you’re like most of my clients when I first explain this section. It sounds a bit new age, and wishy-washy, But this is really powerful stuff, and here’s why…

What it does is it takes your mind off only your genitals and the sensations directly on them and transfers your focus to all the other sensations you are experiencing. What this does in effect is subconsciously reduce your perceived sensitivity and unwanted muscle tension in your pelvic muscles.

Cool-down techniques

During sex, if the tension within your ejaculatory muscles starts to rise it’s important to recognize it and know how to turn things back a notch.

That is why I focus and a range of practical “cool down” techniques and tricks that you can implement as you feel you’re heading towards the point of no return.

Most of these methods can be mastered in just a few days and they work wonders to boost confidence by giving you the knowledge that you have an extra last line of defense should you ever need it.


Learning to control your breathing is not quite as simple as it sounds, but it can be mastered within just a day or two when you know what to focus on. It’s a great area to start with because most men find that they start seeing some good results straight away once they learn the correct way to breathe and relax both before and during intercourse.

Once you get this right you’ll quickly see a number of benefits. You’ll be delivering more oxygen to your muscles via your bloodstream which will reduce muscular tension (which by the way is the main trigger for ejaculation)

A correct breathing technique will also lead you to be more mentally relaxed and focused leading to less anxiety and higher confidence levels.

Specific training to build up your control…

I will show you the most effective physical training methods, to develop each and every one of the skills you will learn. This is where you will put all of the skills you have learned together, and where you will start to see the dramatic results. You can complete all of these training exercises on your own. Although some of the later training methods can be completed with a partner they will still be just as effective when done alone.

What’s It Worth To You To End This Problem For Good?

By this stage, you should have a good idea whether or not my Last Longer Now system is right for you.

If it’s not what you’re looking for, thanks for reading this, and good luck…

But if you are one of the guys who understands what I’m getting at here, and are starting to realize just how well this could work for you and are ready to take action, you’re probably starting to wonder how much it will cost you.

My Last Longer Now system is the result of no less than 9 years teaching, researching and testing exactly what makes men ejaculate early and how to last longer in bed naturally using a set of specific training techniques.

I have constantly improved and updated the guide after discussing with my clients exactly what works and what doesn’t.

You Will Last Longer or Get Your Money Back… With No Questions Asked

If you have a genuine desire to improve your lasting time, I know my program will be just as successful for you as it has been for all of my other patients.

I have seen with my own eyes just how well this works from the thousands of men I have treated face to face, using this exact method.

There’s no mysterious pills. There’s no humiliating devices or ridiculous numbing sprays, and the best thing of all is that these great improvements you are about to see are completely permanent.

If you don’t…

  • Build up the power to last at the least 30 plus minutes every time…
  • Put the embarrassment of being a premature ejaculator out of your life for good…
  • And obtain supreme self-confidence in bed.

…In the next 60 days, I will happily refund every cent – no questions asked

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Change your life today…

Thanks for taking the time to take in what I have had to say. When it comes to premature ejaculation, I know it isn’t easy to admit you have a problem and to get proactive about finding a solution.

You have shown the initiative to get this far and I hope that after reading everything on this page you can see that you have in front of you a practical way to end the embarrassment of this situation once and for all.

Now let me fulfil my part of the bargain. I know that once you get your hands on this guide you will never look back.

I have absolute confidence in my system. I have seen it work for thousands of men just like you, and I’m sure it will work just as well for you too.

Adam DaveyYours Sincerely,

Adam Davey

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“Thanks Adam,

This is the book I have needed for years – Straight forward, simple and easy to follow. Everything made perfect sense right from the first page. I loved the chapter about getting in the zone – it was the final piece to the puzzle and I now look forwards to making love to my beautiful wife as much as I can”

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