This Is Why You Can’t Last In Bed

There’s a huge amount of misinformation out there about why premature ejaculation occurs so let’s take a look at the most common premature ejaculation causes. If you struggle to last in bed you can be pretty sure that a large part of it is due to one or probably more of the following reasons.

In my Last Longer Now program I will show you exactly how you can fight against every last one of these causes but for now, let’s briefly look at 4 or the main ones

Bad habits

In our early teens, many young men discover masturbation and will generally go on to do quite a bit of it. This is not a problem. The problem is that more often than not we begin to masturbate while focusing completely on orgasm. What this does is train and condition your body to reach orgasm faster and faster.

Then, by the time you begin having actual intercourse, your ejaculatory system has developed such a sensitive response system that the added stimulation means that everything is over much too soon.


Whether you like it or not, as far as your body is concerned sex is all about reproduction and ensuring your genes are passed on to the next generation. It’s about survival, not pleasure, and that’s why most guys are pre-conditioned to ejaculate prematurely unless they develop the skills to control it.

Mental factors

It’s important to remember that premature ejaculation is very rarely due to psychological factors alone. However, the way you handle your mindset, perceptions, and fears during sex can make a big difference to your performance in bed. The trick is to get the mental and physical side of things working together. It’s not as difficult as you may think.

Lack of sexual skills and knowledge

Despite the other factors mentioned, by far the most prominent cause of PE is simple. It is that you have never been taught how to control your sexual response during sex. This is not an innate ability, it is something that must be learned and trained. But the good news is that it means that no matter how bad you may feel your problem is that something can be done about it.

In my Last Longer Now program I make sure to cover a broad base of skills and abilities you can develop that will counter each and every one of these causes. It’s a big reason why the program has been so successful and continues to help thousands of guys just like you.

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