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More very happy men (and women) talk about what Last Longer Now as done for them

“The best 50 bucks I have ever spent”

“I tried some of the free advice I found on the internet but it was all the same old stuff and none of it made any difference.

After visiting your site a few times I decided that I need to get advice from someone who knows what he is talking about. I would have spent more money on seeing a doctor so I gave it a try and you know what – it was the best 50 bucks I have ever spent.

I wish I knew all this stuff when I was in my 20’s… Still single and in my 30s now and I’m doing my best to make up for all those lost opportunities.

Thanks for putting such a great program together. Every guy should have a copy!”

Sydney, Australia


“You have truly turned our relationship around”

“I got the book for my boyfriend. He was really embarrassed at first but once he started reading he could see how it would help him.

Now he has even more stamina than me… maybe it worked a little bit too well”

New Hampshire



“I finished the whole program in two weeks…”

“I had bought another book from the internet before and it was useless so I was worried about that happening again, but since your site explained everything so much I thought it was well worth a try…

It worked great for me. I finished the whole program in just 2 weeks and now I can last as long as I want”

London, England



“Thanks for everything”

“Hi Adam. Thanks for everything. Great book. So easy to follow. The chapter about getting into the zone was what helped me the most”

Chicago, IL



“I knew I had to find a way to fix this problem”

“My last two relationships ended due to my poor performance in bed so when I met the girl of my dreams 4 months ago I knew I had to find a way to fix this problem. Luckily I found your book online and downloaded it straight away. It was just what I needed. The breathing and visualization parts were great but what really helped was the ejaculatory reflex advice in chapter 5. I’m now engaged and will get married at the beginning of next year… I’m not sure if I would have had the confidence without your program. Thanks so much Adam!”

Las Vegas, NV



“…gave my girlfriend and orgasm for the first time”

“I’ve been using the program for a week and just wanted to tell you how great It’s been going. Last night I gave my girlfriend and orgasm for the first time. She was very understanding with me before, but last night I could see that she really was satisfied. It felt so good!”

Auckland, NZ


“Everything is going just like you said”

“Thanks for the follow-up email. Everything is going just like you said. I’m now lasting 20 minutes just 2 weeks in. I haven’t quite mastered the ejaculatory reflex techniques but getting better at them. Hope to be there within another week and lasting over 30 mins”

Los Angeles, CA